1. Newly built spacious and airy school building away from noisy city area
2. 24hours Security
3. Entertainment and Sports equipments
4. Pure and Abundant water supply
5. Modernized arrangement of classrooms for interactive learning
6. Spacious Hall for Meetings and Functions
7. Free educational stuff and equipments for Students, Uniforms, Books, Shoes and bags.
8. Special staff for maintaining cleanliness of Class and Dorms
9. Huge Garden and Free Space for students to play.
10. Dedicated School Van for students use only.
11. Special Workshops for students throughout the year.
12. Extra Curricular activities, such as sewing,pottery, candle making, handicrafts, to make them self-dependent.
13. TV room for entertainment of students.

Free admission for childrens between age 3 to 15 years of age.